Visconti Tuning


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Cars with BMW Bosch ECUs manufactured after June of 2020 can not be tuned, until now!

The process takes 5 business days from start to finish.

  • You're provided with a overnight shipping label to send us the locked ECU.
  • We check your ECU to confirm it's Post-June Locked.
  • Your locked ECU is then sent to FEMTO in Finland.
  • FEMTO performs their unlock service on the ECU.
  • The ECU is returned to us, then shipped overnight back to you.

You'll receive your original ECU unlocked and ready to tune with MHD/BM3/MG Flasher

MHD Package

  • MHD Super License
  • MHD WiFi Interface

BM3 Package

  • BM3 License
  • BM3 WiFi Interface
  • BM3 CustomROM (Map Switching, Flex Fuel etc)

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