BRZ/FRS/GT86 Forced Induction Tune Kit
Visconti Tuning

BRZ/FRS/GT86 Forced Induction Tune Kit

Regular price $ 900.00

Visconti EcuTek Kit Includes 

  • EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit (OBD2 Cable + Software Deskey)
  • EcuTek Programming License (For 1 vehicle)
  • Back to Stock Calibration File (Sent Electronically)

Custom Tune Includes

Visconti Tuning has always offered custom remote tuning support where we can take a more personalized approach to your vehicle.  This includes tune adjustments based on datalogs generated while on the street or dyno.  Purchasing a custom tune requires you to submit datalogs and entitles you to six (6) revisions. 

If after six revisions, you still require additional tuning, log review or any type of diagnostics or support, we can offer individual revisions and support for $50.

All Custom Tunes Require a tuning appointment, after purchasing please schedule here

      Proven Calibrations

      We currently support and have proven calibrations for a wide range of supercharger and turbocharger kits.

      We also offer tuning for custom turbo / supercharger kits.

      • Innovate/Sprintex Supercharger
      • Vortech Supercharger
      • HKS Supercharger
      • AVO Turbo Kit
      • Greddy Turbo Kit
      • SBD Turbo Kit
      • Accelerated Performance Turbo Kit
      • P&L Turbo Kit
      • FA20CLUB Turbo Kit
      • Full Blown Turbo Kit

        • Improves Throttle Mapping
        • Removes Speed Limiter
        • Removes TIP-IN Knock
        • Raises RPM Limit
        • Adjusts Direct/Port Injection Mixture for optimum flow
        • Adjusts Fueling
        • Adjusts Ignition Timing
        • Adjusts Intake / Exhaust CAM Timing
        • Removes Torque Dip
        • RaceRom ON-THE-FLY Adjustable Launch Control (6MT Only)
        • RaceRom Flat-Foot Shifting (6MT Only)
        • RaceRom AutoBlip (6MT Only)
        • Implement Oil Temperature Warning Light via CEL
        • Implement Overboost Protection
        • Implement Per Gear Timing Control
        • ECU Based Boost Control on TurboKits


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