EcuTek Phase 5 RaceRom for GTR


It is with great pleasure that we’re announcing the release of EcuTek’s incredibly capable Phase 5 RACEROM to all our Visconti Tuning Customers.  This is an excellent opportunity for those who haven’t yet had the chance to experience the true capabilities of RACEROM, to finally see what they’ve been missing.  Phase 5 constitutes a major update to EcuTek’s ongoing support of the Nissan GT-R and includes groundbreaking new features for the factory ECM/TCM; capabilities which are available nowhere else.

NEW Features Introduced in Phase 5:

Fast Flash ECM/TCM Programming

  • Updated Programming Sequence for both the ECM/TCM that can complete a flash as quickly as 10 seconds.
Super High Speed Logging with larger data steam capacity
  • This Turbo Charges the Live data streamed from the ECU
  • This also allows you to double the amount of live data parameters that can be logged at one time
Cylinder Fuel Deactivation / Cylinder Cut Probability
  • Randomized cut of fuel which can be used for torque reduction in TC, ALS control with a jacked open throttle and many more applications
RaceRom 12 Injector Support
  • Seamlessly add 6 additional fuel injectors using our New Visconti Plug & Play 12 Injector Harness. 12 injectors without an expensive Full Standlone ECU!

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Rear02 Sensor Disable
  • Get rid of those pesky and sometimes random fuel trims that can be caused from a faulty rear02 sensor
Per Gear Timing Compensation
  • High Resolution 3D map that can also be adjusted by engine RPM
Hard Coded Flex Fuel without Custom Maps allows quicker tuning and allows your tuner to do more creative things with the Custom Maps that aren’t used anymore

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Boost Control with Hard Coded features that don’t require Custom Maps, this allows quicker tuning and allows your tuner to do more creative things with all the Custom Maps that aren’t used anymore.

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Updated Features Introduced in Phase 5:

Improved Custom Maps ultimately giving the tuner new unmatched levels of control.
  • Smarter Integral Control
  • More ECM Inputs
  • More hijack-able ECM Outputs
  • Ability to add Detailed Map Notes
  • Ability to set a Deactivation Delay
  • Ability to have multiply custom maps calculate on one data stream
  • Ability to set two different custom calculation data streams. (Multiple Failsafe’s or Advanced Traction Control)

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Improved Control of the Factory Boost Gauge now giving the you more accurate boost readings

Improved Knock Warning
  • Adjustable Activation Threshold offers more flexibility and causes less false warnings
Improved Rolling Launch
  • Improves throttle response
  • Builds boost faster
Improved Valet Mode
  • New Simple System that can be activated or deactivated while in motion that still allows a complex but eloquent Speed Based Torque Limited that can be variable by the distance driven since activated
Improved Boost Error Calculations
  • Boost Error Calculation is now calculated from the Manifold Pressure Sensor not Bank 1 or Bank 2 Pre-Throttle Sensors. This allows the Closed Loop Boost Control to work correctly at above 1.7BAR and makes features like BOTL & Rolling Launch A LOT more responsive.
Non-Custom Code ECM Updates
  • Per Cylinder Ignition Compensation
  • Throttle Body Calibration Maps to better control upgraded throttle bodies
  • Improved understanding of Cranking Enrichment Maps
  • Transient Enrichment Maps
  • Improved Radiator Fan Control