EcuTek PhoneFlash

If you don't have a EcuTek PhoneFlash License then CLICK HERE to purchase

How it works

We will send your PhoneFlash files directly to your ECU Connect Phone App, but we can only do that once you’ve set up the app and submit information to us.

 Install ECU Connect & Connect Interface

  1. Install EcuTek's 'ECU Connect' App - Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Connect to the interface via Bluetooth
  3. The interface will be called 'EVI-XXXX'

 Create EcuTek Cloud Account + Submit Vehicle Info

  1. Make sure ECU Connect is up-to-date (Existing Users)
  2. Make sure you have created an EcuTek Account with-in ECU Connect
    • Open ECU Connect
    • Open Settings (on the main screen)
    • Tap ‘EcuTek Account’
    • Create an account (Using your REAL First & Last Name)
    • Tap ‘Tuner’, select Visconti Tuning
  3. Tap ‘My Car’ (With the ignition on or car running)
  4. Tap ‘Program ECU’
  5. Tap ‘Send vehicle info to tuner’
If you are submitting vehicle info for a car that does not belong to you then put the owners name in the model field -  Supra (Marshall Brown)
    6. Tap ‘Make’ – Toyota
    7. Tap ‘Model – Supra
    8. Tap ‘Send to Visconti Tuning’

       Once the ‘Success’ window appears an email has been sent to us with all your info.

       We will process this request as quickly as we can

       You will receive an email from ‘EcuTek Cloud Service’ when your tune file is ready for you.


      When you are ready to flash the car

      1. Open ECU Connect
      2. Tap ‘My Car’ (With the ignition on or car running)
      3. Tap ‘Program ECU’
      4. Tap ‘Engine’
      5. You will see a list of available tunes; you will see the STOCK and latest revision of your current tune.
      6. Tap the file you want to flash into the car – this will most likely NOT be the ‘STOCK ECM’ file.
      7. Tap ‘Program’ (Make sure vehicle is in diagnostic mode)
        • The very first time you program the App will perform a test. This takes 2-3 minutes
        • When the test successfully completes you be presented with the ‘Program’ button again
      8. Follow the key cycle prompts and you are finished.


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