How Remote Tuning Works

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo / Nissan Juke (Gen2)

Here is a quick overview of our Tuning Process. Detailed instructions can be found in our tuning guide on

  • Receive Purchased Tuning Kit
  • Install EcuTek software and drivers on your windows based laptop
  • Install Tuner Assist
  • Plug EcuTek OBD2 Cable into your car and generate a romdump
  • Submit romdump using Tuner Assist and wait for an email from Visconti Tuning

If your ECU is supported we will either send you a tune file or ask you to scheduling a tuning appointment via our online schedule

If your ECU is not supported we will need to wait for EcuTek to add support. This process normally takes 3-5 business days. When support is added we will send you a tune file or ask you to scheduling a tuning appointment via our online schedule, either way you will receive a email from us with instructions.

  • Download tune file and back-to-stock file via Tuner Assist
  • Using EcuTek ProECU program the ecu with the downloaded file
  • After programming the ecu you will to need generate datalogs so we can see how the car is running.
  • IMPORTANT - After programming let the car idle for 60 seconds before giving any throttle input.
  • Data Logging.
    • Idle
    • Normal Driving - light and steady throttle
    • 3rd Gear, WIDE-OPEN-THROTTLE 2800RPM to 6000RPM
  • Submit data logs via Tuner Assist
  • If required we will send you a updated tune file after reviewing your datalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this void my warranty?

Changing anything on your car including a intake or exhaust can void your warranty, even if it's sold and installed by your dealer.

Is the tune detectable by the dealer

If flashed back to stock the dealer can not detect anything.

What mods do you recommend before tuning?

  • Drop-in Filter or Cold Air Intake
  • Midpipe back exhaust

What aftermarket intake do you recommend?

AEM currently makes the best intake, we recommend the cold-air version. This intake along with other intakes we have seen will requiring tuning to prevent hesitation.

What about the stock intake?

The stock intake actually performs as well as any cold air intake when fitted with a drop-in K&N filter - just lacks the increased turbo noise.