Post June Tuning Infomation

Cars with BMW Bosch ECUs manufactured after June of 2020 can not be tuned, until now!

The process takes 10 business days from start to finish.

  • You're provided with a overnight shipping label to send us the locked ECU.
  • We check your ECU to confirm it's Post-June Locked.
  • Your locked ECU is then sent to FEMTO in Russia.
  • FEMTO provides us with a full read of your locked ECU and returns it to us.
  • With that readout we then clone your original locked ECU to a Pre-June ECU.
  • The Pre-June ECU is plug and play and will be used to tune your car.

This means you will receive back two ECUs. Your original locked ECU and a fully unlocked and tunable ECU.

Pricing for Gen2 B58 is $2995 shipped.

Pricing is subject to change based on availability of Pre-June ECUs.

We would be happy to discount our service if you can provide your own Pre-June ECU.