Toyota Supra Recall Update Infomation

Updated 9/18/21


Let me start from the beginning.

All ECUs are locked, preventing anyone from changing settings. Classic cat and mouse game where someone figures out how to get in and then the manufacture releases an update to prevent that access.

When the Toyota Supra was released in June of 2019, tuning companies already knew how to tune the car through OBD. There was a flash update from the dealer that was supposed to be installed before any of the cars were picked up, this update prevented the OBD programming method everyone used.

It only took a few months for someone to figure out how to OBD program the car again. But in October of 2019 there was another update which once again blocked OBD programming. Interestingly most cars never got this update.

Anyone who had the October 2019 or newer ECU update needed to have their ECU ‘bench unlocked’ – included all 2021s. This is a process where the ECU is unplugged from the car and connected to a specialty tool to re-enable OBD programming.

Early June of 2020 Bosch (the manufacture of the ECU) made changes which prevented specialty bench tools from re-enabling OBD. This change can only be done by Bosch. It’s not possible for Toyota to permanently lock Pre-June 2020 ECUs


September 2021 there is a new safety recall from Toyota regarding the braking system.

When the car goes in for this update it will get a ‘integration level update’. This means the Toyota tool is going to update almost every module with newer software, which does a lot of things we don’t know.

Here is what we know:

  • Full Screen Car Play will be enabled
  • CANBUS integration on some of the steering wheel buttons change requiring EcuTek to adjust how to activate map switching and Anti Lag
  • ECU Calibration is updated.

If you’ve had a recent flash update from Toyota and have already been tuned you MIGHT NOT have to bench unlocked again after receiving this recall.

This is why --> The ECU consists of a bootloader, software and calibration section.

The bootloader, software, and calibration all must be compatible with each other.

bootloader version:  000048DC-xxx-xxx-xxx (What we change to enabled OBD Programming)

software version:     00005D55-xxx-xxx-xxx

calibration:               00006354-xxx-xxx-xxx (The tune lives here)

Recent flash updates from Toyota are similar to the new recall update. The recall update is so similar that it’s compatible with the existing ‘bootloader’ and ‘software’ versions already on the ECU.

When the dealer tools detects the compatible bootloader and software versions it doesn’t update them, it only updates the calibration. Leaving the ECU unlocked.

Based on what I've seen MOST 2020 Supra’s will need to be benched unlocked again.

Bootmod3 Customers: If you were already tuned DO NOT flash your existing tune in your car.

  • Contact support and request a account reset.
  • Re-download compatible OTS maps or request your tuner update the tune.

BM3 will allow you to flash non-compatible tunes into your ECU causing you to brick the ECU.

If you brick the ECU before resetting the account then you won’t be able to recover the ECU without the help of remote support.


EcuTek Customers: DO NOT flash your existing tune back into the car.

  • You will need a updated version of ProECU
  • Confirm status of your EcuTek License by ‘Querying’ the ECU in the programming tool.
  • Request a updated tune from your Tuner


Visconti Tuning Customer Information


  • Update ProECU
  • Open Programming Tool
  • Query the ECU
  • Submit Diagnostic Information using Tuner Assist



The fee for generating you a new tune file from us will cost 3 support credits ($150). When we update your file, we will incorporating new features like rolling launch into your tune. If you were tuned a while ago, this is VERY beneficial to you as we’ve had many updates as time has gone on.

Visconti Tuning is offering a courtesy discount for anyone that needs to mail their ECU in for an unlock. Our typical mail in service is $500. We’ve discounted this 20% for you guys at a rate of $400. This fee includes the unlock service and overnight labels provided by us.


For example, if you ship the ECU on Monday, we receive it Tuesday, you receive it back on Wednesday. This allows for the most minimal downtime possible. The shipping boxes are free at FedEx. You simply print the label off, slap it on the box and on the way to us it goes.

If anyone has any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.