1650cc Bosch Injectors
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1650cc Bosch Injectors

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At 1650cc/min, this Bosch based injector:

• Is the highest flowing high impedance performance injector compatible with ALL fuels

• Can be driven with the saturated drivers found in every OE ECU and most aftermarket ECU’s

With flow capacity more than 2000cc/min at 73 psi (5 bar), this FIC performance injector promises to be a great solution for performance engines running a variety of fuel systems.

Equipped with the stainless alloy valve found in all Bosch injectors produced for gasoline applications, this injector will be compatible with MTBE race fuels like VP Import and Q16. In addition, the FIC 1650cc high impedance performance injector won’t be susceptible to the internal rust issues found in natural gas injectors, like our 2150cc high impedance injectors, when left unattended or exposed.

Due to its compact size, these 1650cc injectors will be available for all types of cars and engines, including the often challenging 38mm “shorty” injector fitment of the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 and the LS3/LS7 from late model GMs, the 53mm length as found in the Mitsubishi Evo X and Nissan R35 GTR, as well as the traditional 64mm full length EV1 format that is still found in many cars today

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