bootmod3 bm3 Wireless OBDII WiFi ENET CANBUS Flash Adapter
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bootmod3 bm3 Wireless OBDII WiFi ENET CANBUS Flash Adapter

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Introducing the latest and greatest Wireless connection method for your BMW F and G series vehicles and the 2020+ Toyota Supra, the all new bootmod3 Wireless Adapter.

bootmod3 WiFi adapter is fully designed in-house by our engineers, built with the highest quality parts and a modern chipset. It achieves perfect reliability and is the quickest adapter currently offered on the market.


  • Fastest flash times over ENET and CANBUS
  • Reliable and consistent connectivity
  • Wireless ENET support for BMW F and G series vehicles and 2020+ Toyota Supra
  • Wireless CANBUS Support
    • Unlike generic WiFi adapters, our adapter allows full flashing of transmission on GEN2 BMW and 2020+ Toyota Supra removing need for additional WiFi adapters or DCAN cables
  • V3 Version ONLY - NO ALARMS if left plugged in (BMW G series vehicles and Toyota Supra)
    • Enters ultra low power mode if left plugged in consuming just ~20mA
  • OTA updates through the new bootmod3 app
  • Firmware fully extensible for additional flash and diagnostic protocols for future connectivity support
  • V2A version of the adapter will trigger alarm on G series vehicles and 2020+ Toyota Supra. It is a lower cost option for those that don't mind unplugging their adapter after use
  • Manual Toggle switch to fully power down adapter
  • Small form factor, considerably smaller than generic WiFi ENET adapters
  • No VIN locking, can be used on multiple vehicles

Vehicles supported:

  • All BMW F and G series vehicles
  • 2020+ Toyota Supra (A90 A91)

Additional 3rd Party applications supported:

  • XHP / xDelete
  • Bimmercode / Bimmerlink
  • ...and other apps requiring ENET support

When connected on iOS, copy your WiFi settings from Automatic to Manual and leave the Router field empty. This leaves your Mobile data connection active while connected with the vehicle. For additional connectivity information and troubleshooting refer to this Connectivity Guide.

Some items used and/or installed by PRO TUNING FREAKS may void portions of your vehicle’s factory warranty. Some items may not be legal for “on highway use”. PRO TUNING FREAKS makes no guarantees to the legality of any parts used for “on highway vehicles” and accepts no responsibility for compliance with the vehicle’s factory warranty.