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EcuTek ECU Connect

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High-speed Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile device Datalogging Display and record factory and RaceROM diagnostic parameters, including engine and transmission simultaneously* High-speed Logging rates up to 50% faster than ProECU and as fast as 200Hz on some vehicles (Nissan 370Z factory protocol)* RaceROM integration Driver interaction with RaceROM features* Performance Analyser Test and share the results online Archive Stores log files and performance test results for sharing with tuners or friends – directly from within the app Read & Clear DTCs Not only the engine ECU, but other modules too, such as for the TCM, ABS etc* ECU Reset Plus clearing of ECU learnt values* ECU Info Provides information about the vehicle concerned Dealer Locator Lists all EcuTek Tuners and Master Tuners around the world; can be refined by vehicle selection