Flex Fuel Kit for the 2015 WRX & Forester FXT

$ 750.00

-Visconti Tuning Kit-

  • Kit gets power/ground and sends the ECU a the signal via the Rear 02 Sensor Plug
  • 30-60 minutes to install

What’s included with the kit:

-          Zeitronix ECA-2 (Ethanol Content Analyzer)

-          Plug & Play Fuel Line Kit (US-SPEC)

-          Plug and Play Harness to interface engine ECU and power unit


How does it work:

             The combination of new fuel lines and ECA allows for a very precise ethanol content reading, which allows us to adjust our calibration in real-time to match the ethanol content. That means for example, if you have half a tank of pumpgas and fill the rest with Ethanol, creating an effective ethanol content of e50 let’s say, our calibration will make crucial adjustments to a variety of factors, like ignition timing, target air/fuel ratios, hot & cold start cranking settings, and boost settings; all to produce the best performance possible for the current conditions. The higher the ethanol content of the fuel you’re running, the more power you’re going to automatically produce.

What are the specific advantages of this kit over other solutions:

-         Only 100% Plug and Play Kit
-         Takes only 60min to install.