R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit
R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit
R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit
R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit
R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit
Visconti Tuning

R35 GTR Flex Fuel Kit

Regular price $ 530.00

What’s included with the kit:

  • Visconti CANBOXPRO (Ethanol Content Analyzer)
  • Ethanol Content Sensor 
  • Visconti Ethanol Sensor Bracket
  • Visconti Fuel Rail Adapter
  • Visconti Plug & Play Wiring Harness

What advantages does this kit have over other solutions:

  • 100% Plug and Play Kit
  • Designed to fit CBA & DBA GTRs
  • Installs in 60 minutes


  • Zeitronix Controller (No Display)
  • Zeitronix Controller (In-Car Display)


Introducing CANBOXPRO, a Visconti Tuning product developed to offer a better way to integrate analog sensors and control auxiliary devices via CANBUS.

The fully customizable CANBOXPRO is designed to be our go-to Ethanol Content Analyzer, all while maintaining our existing price point for flex fuel kits. CANBOXPRO fits seamlessly into existing flex-fuel systems that use an analog signal reference or CANBUS for ethanol percentage. The 0-5V signal is adjustable, able to operate within both 0.5-4.5V and 0-5V ranges, facilitating easy installation on vehicles already tuned without the need for ECU reprogramming.

Monitoring ethanol levels is more convenient than ever with our user-friendly iOS and Android apps. Designed with the future in mind, CANBOXPRO can easily be updated through WiFi, promising constant feature improvements and the latest in system security. It’s also universally compatible with all tuning platforms and offers the flexibility to be reconfigured to support any custom communication protocol.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, the CANBOXPRO is not just a product but a guarantee of quality and a testament to innovation. By choosing CANBOXPRO, you're investing in technology that evolves with your needs, designed to be the last Ethanol Content Analyzer you will ever need.

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