GTR Fuel Hanger Upgrade
GTR Fuel Hanger Upgrade
Visconti Tuning

GTR Fuel Hanger Upgrade

Regular price $ 800.00

The Visconti Tuning GTR Fuel Hanger Upgrade allows you to take your existing dual pump system to the next level. It's a must for those seeking to support more than 1000WHP and beyond on ethanol. Replacing the plastic OEM unit with our billet upgrade removes the last restriction in the gas tank and will let your pumps flow freely all while maintaining like stock functionality.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Service
  • 100% Plug and play wiring when using our hard wire kit
  • Accurate fuel level readings
  • Extending Cranking Not Included


How the triple pump works - 

Using a new bracket we mount the third walbro fuel pump next to the factory fuel basket and connect it to a HydraMat. The HydraMat allows full fuel flow even during the lowest fuel levels. The primary and secondary will run out of fuel before our third pump does!


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