Infiniti VR30TT - Tuning Kit EcuTek Q50 Q60 VR30
Infiniti Q50/Q60 VR30 Tuning Kit
Visconti Tuning

Infiniti Q50/Q60 VR30 Tuning Kit

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Visconti EcuTek Kit Includes 

  • EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit (OBD2 Cable + Software Deskey)
  • EcuTek Programming License (For 1 vehicle)
  • Custom Calibration
  • Back to Stock Calibration File


  • EcuTek Bluetooth Interface
Bluetooth allows advanced tools and features via iOS/Android
  • Map Switching
  • Adjustable Boost Control
  • Valet Mode
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading/Clearing
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Data logging without a laptop

Power Figures

      PREMIUM 300 300 8PSI
      RED SPORT 350 350 12PSI
      STG1 400 400 15PSI
      STG2 430 450 17PSI
      STG3 450 480 20PSI
      STG3 E30 470 540 20PSI

        Custom Tune Includes

        Visconti Tuning has always offered custom remote tuning support where we can take a more personalized approach to your vehicle.  This includes tune adjustments based on datalogs generated while on the street or dyno. Purchasing a custom tune requires you to submit datalogs and entitles you to six (6) revisions. 

        If after ten revisions, you still require additional tuning, log review or any type of diagnostics or support, we can offer individual revisions and support for $50.

        All Custom Tunes Require a tuning appointment, after purchasing please schedule here

        Visconti Calibration (Custom)

        • Adjusts Ignition Timing
        • Adjusts Target Air Fuel
        • Adjusts Throttle Mapping
        • Adjusts DI Pump Pressure
        • Removes Speed Limiter
        • Raises Boost Pressure
        • Improves Torque Management/Shifting
        • Adds Charge Air Temperature Compensation
        • Adds Charge Air Failsafe
        • Adds Per Gear Timing Control

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