Nissan GTR Custom TCM Tune
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Nissan GTR Custom TCM Tune

Regular price $ 350.00

The TCM tune is for all 2008 - 2019+ Nissan GTRs. This change will significantly improve the gearbox operation and transform the way the car drives.

The upgrade includes:

  • 08-11 will now hold TCM and Traction settings in Race Mode when switching between Automatic and Manual modes
  • 08-11 will notice improved gearbox control
  • 08-11 will notice smoother pulling away from Junctions
  • Enables taking off in 2nd Gear from a stop.
  • Disables Speed Limiters
  • Raises Clutch Over Heat Warning Thresholds
  • Raises Launch Limiter
  • Enables VDC OFF Launching
  • Changes Valve body  line pressure
  • Optimized Automatic Mode Shift Points
  • Manual Mode Shift Points
Optional Upgrades / Features
  • Increased Clutch Line Pressure safe for stock transmissions
  • Increased Clutch Line Pressure for Big Power Builds (Holds 25% more power)
  • Support for Dodson Pressure sensors

More information about TCM Tuning

Our TCM tuning is 100% custom and does not contain shared settings which EcuTek gives to their dealer network. Our tune is proven safe for stock transmissions well into the 9's and upgraded transmissions in the 6s. If you have any questions regarding what you need please contact us before purchasing.

*Calibration files are sent electronically using Tuner Assist

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