Nissan GTR Custom TCM Tune
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Nissan GTR Custom TCM Tune

Regular price $ 350.00

The TCM tune for all 2008 - 2018 Nissan GTRs. This change will significantly improve the gearbox operation and transform the way the car drives.

The upgrade includes:

  • 08-11 will now hold TCM and Traction settings in Race Mode when switching between Automatic and Manual modes
  • 08-11 will notice improved gearbox control
  • 08-11 will notice smoother pulling away from Junctions
  • Enables taking off in 2nd Gear from a stop.
  • Disables Speed Limiters
  • Raises Clutch Over Heat Warning Thresholds
  • Raises Launch Limiter
  • Enables VDC OFF Launching
  • Changes Valve body  line pressure
Optional Upgrades / Features
  • Super-R Mode (Quicker and firmer Shifts during WOT)
  • Optimized Automatic Mode Shift Points
  • Increased Clutch Line Pressure (Holds 25% more power)

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