Subaru 485 Fuel Basket Upgrade

$ 500.00

The Visconti Tuning Subaru 485 Fuel Basket Upgrade fills a void for those who have a DW300/AEM320 pump and don't want to purchase a costly replacement hanger. Never before could you properly fit a walbro 485 without completely hacking up your stock fuel basket.

This system removes your primary cardboard fuel filter, a aftermarket filter will need purchased and installed outside of the gas tank.

This fuel system will support 550WHP on E98 with a hard wire kit.

JMS PowerMAX Voltage Booster can be used for more headroom

  • E85 Compatible 40 Micron PreFilter
  • Perfect for street, road race & drag race applications
  • Fully enclosed and always submerged in fuel
  • CNC Aluminum
  • Uses OEM Fuel Hanger & integrates seamlessly with the siphon system
  • Fixes High Fuel Pressure at idle (common with hard wire kits)
  • Comes with Walbro 485 (High Pressure 272)
  • 100% Plug and play installation