Subaru Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit
Visconti Tuning

Subaru Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit

Regular price $ 250.00

Visconti Tuning is proud to announce that the very first completely Plug & Play Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit for the Subaru WRX/STI is now on our website. Originally developed over two years ago and exclusively used for in-house builds is now available for you!

This Plug & Play Kit bypasses the factory voltage limitations on stock wiring by direct wiring the fuel pump to battery. It'll increase power output from 12V to battery voltage (14V+). With direct battery voltage you are now able to maximize the pump flow, allowing for more head room on cars with injectors that are maxing out.

Unlike other kits there is no need to cut any of the existing wiring in the car which makes the install or removal quick and easy. For the safety and ease of access our fuel pump fuse is located next to the battery - where it always should be! When in a jam replacement parts can be had from any local auto parts store.


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