Subaru Wideband Sensor Harness
Subaru Wideband Sensor Harness
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Subaru Wideband Sensor Harness

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Subaru's equipped with EJ motors come with a narrow band 02 sensor which do not offer accurate readings during high engine loads (wide-open-throttle). This makes it difficult to fine tune or even monitor the most simple setups. Our Plug and Play Subaru Wideband Sensor Harness aka Wideband Logging cable allows you to wire your aftermarket wideband sensor to your factory ECU. Protect your investment with a simple monitoring harness that can be easily integrated into any COBB tuned car.

  • 100% PLUG AND PLAY
  • Easy to install
  • Custom tuning required

Wideband Monitoring TGV-INPUT

Perfect for those who already have their TGVs deleted.

  • Plug & Play harness that interfaces with the ECU via TGV plug
  • Easiest to install

Wideband Monitoring REAR02-INPUT

Perfect for those who are already using their TGV inputs for Flex Fuel and Fuel Pressure.

  • Plug & Play harness that interfaces with the ECU via Rear02
  • This will delete the rear 02 sensor



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