VR30 Race Heat Exchanger
VR30 Race Heat Exchanger
Visconti Tuning

VR30 Race Heat Exchanger

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Introducing the Visconti Tuning Race Heat Exchanger for the VR30 that has cooling that never gives up! This is a true plug & play upgrade that requires no cutting or extra holes for mounting. There simply isn't enough road to heat soak our Race Heat Exchanger. This is the same unit we used to make our Record 11.7 STG1 1/4 Pass and 11.3 STG2 1/4 Pass
  • 600% increase in fluid volume
  • 250% increase in frontal surface area
  • Dramatic decrease in Charge Air Temps - Expect 15F over ambient temperature
  • Designed and tested on the Visconti Tuning VR30 Q50

Red Sport Race Exchanger comes with a powder coated engine oil cooler relocation kit.

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