EcuTek Phase 4 RaceRom for Gen1 Nissan Juke

For the past few months we have been working with EcuTek to development improved boost control. The factory boost control was something on Juke and Nissan GTR everyone has always struggled with. The factory boost control system works off of calculated airflow, it’s a poorly designed system that is completely thrown when adding different intakes, exhaust components, wastegates or turbo chargers. Basically changing even the smallest thing on the car can cause the factory calibration to be wrong which is why we have so many OFF-THE-SHELF Maps. EcuTek has now taken their boost control system that was developed on GTR and passed it on to Nissan Juke (Gen1). The updated boost control gives YOU more control of the boost with your gas pedal. Boost is now more consistent and comes on better which is something you will really feel! The boost limiter has been also improved and is more responsive.

NEW in Phase 4:

  • RaceRom Closed Loop Boost Control
    • Boost Target Limits based on Gear
    • Boost Target Limits based on Coolant Tempature
    • Boost Target Limited Increased to over 40PSI
    • Boost Limit Fuel Cut Limited Increased to over 40PSI
    • Boost Limit Fuel Cut now responds faster
    • Wastegate Duty Map Based on Target Boost vs RPM
    • Throttle threshold for integral activation
    • RPM threshold for overall wastegate activation
    • IAT based wastegate duty multiplier
  • Live Data Parameters
    • Gear
    • Boost Target
    • Boost Target - RBC Maximum
    • Boost Error (Improved)
    • Engine Load (BFS)
    • Wastegate Base Duty
    • Wastegate Duty Sum
    • Wastegate Integral Corr
    • Wastegate Proportional Corr