EcuTek PhoneFlash License Activation

EcuTek PhoneFlash License Activation

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  • Introducing PhoneFlash by EcuTek!

You no longer need a windows laptop to program your ECM/TCM. With EcuTek's latest version of ECU Connect you can now create a EcuTek Account and request a tune file from your favorite master tuner.

Purchasing this EcuTek Phone Flash License is required for new or existing EcuTek tuned vehicles.

  • EcuTek charges a one time license fee to use PhoneFlash. The license enables phone flashing for that vehicle.
  • Your tuner is the only person who can set you up with phone flashing, they sell the license and they send the tune file to your ECU Connect Phone App.
  • You can not take existing .bin laptop tune files you were given and flash the car with the phone.

PhoneFlash Guides

 *PhoneFlash only supports vehicles with a VIN number stored in the ECU. If for some reason your vehicle does not have a VIN number stored on the ECU you'll need to use EcuTek ProECU on a windows based laptop*

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