WiFi Adapter xHP Flashtool
WiFi Adapter xHP Flashtool

WiFi Adapter xHP Flashtool

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* xHP License is required*

*This does NOT include any licensing*

xHP licensing can be purchased from xHP   - Click Here


The new xHP Flashtool WiFi adapter is fast and reliable. 

xHP Flashtool is the number 1 App for Tuning your BMW with 6/8-Speed Automatic or 7-Speed DCT-Transmission!

The xHP WiFi adapter is the required hardware to unlock the hidden potential of your automatic or dual-clutch transmission with xHP Gearbox Maps! 

Faster as DCAN Cable and compatible with most famous tuning Apps. The xHP WiFi Adapter is supported by the following apps :

xHP Flashtool: E-Series, F-Series, and G-Series.
xDelete: E-Series
MHD-Tuning: E-Series, F-Series (no B58 support), and G-Series
BimmerCode: E-Series
BimmerLink: E-Series
BimmerGeeks Pro-Tool: E-Series, F-Series


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