Gen2 BRZ/GR86 Flex Fuel Kit
Visconti Tuning

Gen2 BRZ/GR86 Flex Fuel Kit

Regular price $ 595.00
What’s included with the kit:
  • Visconti CANBOXPRO (Ethanol Content Analyzer)
  • Ethanol Content Sensor 
  • Visconti Ethanol Sensor Bracket
  • Visconti Fuel Line Adapter
  • Visconti Fuel Line
  • Visconti Plug & Play Wiring Harness

This is 100% Plug and Play Flex Fuel Kit. This requires no wires to be cut or spliced. This kit communicates over CANBUS and does not require any codes or sensors to be removed or disabled. No wires need to be passed through the firewall unless you want the optional ethanol content gauge.

For complete functionality this will require a EcuTek Flex Fuel Enabled Tune.

Install takes less than 10 minutes.



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