EcuTek vs UpRev for Infiniti VR30

I’ll start this with facts and end with my opinion.

Although both EcuTek and UpRev are both reprogramming the factory ECU both tuning suites are very different.

 UpRev comes with 5-way map switching, Rolling Anti-Lag,  “decal turbo surge migration”, live tuning, custom boost target map and 12 custom live data parameters giving the tuner/customer access to a total of 82 parameters. This would make 5 features UpRev has, one which really only benefit the customer if they got tuning done in person.

EcuTek comes with 4-Way map switching, Adjustable Boost Control, Per Gear Boost Control, Custom Proportional Error Correction for Boost Control, Gear Change Boost Spike Prevention, Per Gear Timing Compensation, Charge Air Timing Compensation, Charge Air Failsafe, Custom Fueling Compensation Map, Valet Mode, Fast Flash, Improved Logging Protocol and 70 custom live data parameters giving the tuner/customer access to a total of 152 parameters. This would make 12 features EcuTek has, all which would benefit the customer.

The difference between UpRev and EcuTek for the VR30 go far beyond the custom features they offer for this platform. IMO UpRev does not have the boost control maps defined properly and don’t have the live data parameters a tuner would need to actually calibrate boost control correctly. The lack of datalogging UpRev has is actually shocking. When tuning boost control, you need to know what the start value, end value, how much compensation is being used and where it’s coming from. This isn't a problem when you only want to make maximum boost on the dyno but when it comes to driving the car it’s important. There’s a lot of OEM Maps that are circuital to tuning that UpRev simple does not have and this goes beyond boost control.

I also don’t understand UpRev’s “decal turbo surge migration”. I understand how it works – sets minimal throttle open value based on boost pressure which prevents you from closing the throttle completely at 20PSI….but I don’t understand the problem they claim to fix, I’ve never seen the problem.

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