Infiniti VR30 ECM Recall Info (ID: R1726)


EFFECTIVE DATE: December 05, 2017


These vehicles may be equipped with an improperly calibrated Engine Control Module (ECM) that may not illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to notify the driver in the rare event of an automatic transmission malfunction. This incident has no effect on the safety, performance, drivability or fuel consumption of the vehicle.


To correct this condition, Infiniti is conducting an Emission Recall Campaign to reprogram the Engine Control Module in these vehicles.

Infiniti has recently issued a recall for all VR30 Q50/Q60s. The recall, titled ‘ECM REPROGRAM – AT DIAG’, is a simple engine control unit (ECU) program update. This update allows the transmission computer to pass on diagnostic information to the engine computer when there is a problem. 

In order to receive this program update from the dealer you will need to flash your car back to stock using the STOCK ECM file provided by your tuner. The dealer will not be able to flash over your tuned EcuTek ECU.

EcuTek ProECU is updated almost on a daily basis, make sure you run EcuTek Update before attempting to program a tune back the your car. If your ECU comes up as unsupported you will need to generate a ROMDUMP and send it to your tuner so EcuTek can add support to your ECU. This process normally takes 2-3 business days but can take longer.

Visconti Tuning customers should produce a ROMDUMP when prompted – do not submit to EcuTek when finished. Close EcuTek ProECU, open Tuner Assist and go to Help -> Submit Diagnostic Information. We will email you when support has been added.

Use this Recall lookup tool to see if your car is affected -

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